Welcome to LacLeb, Manufacturers of Gourmet Lebanese Specialties

about-usLebanese Appetizers Company LAC is a medium size company located in Roumieh, Lebanon and specialized in state-of-the-art manufacturing of authentic Lebanese gourmet specialties under the name of LAMESA.

Emerging from the passion to offer consumers high-quality homemade appetizers, LAMESA saw the light. It was the dream of four young ambitious and visionary entrepreneurs who were passionate about the traditional Lebanese mezze and wanted to share their dream by offering high-quality frozen homemade appetizers that not only look like those prepared at home, but also smell and taste like mom’s and grandma’s recipes.

LAC factory holds high the flag of quality and trust. It is built as per the ISO standards and operates under the supervision and control of a trustworthy food safety and quality department, thus complying with the highest international norms and regulations.



At LAC, we are committed to offer our valuable consumers the best authentic Lebanese mezze, made with the highest levels of quality, taste and safety. LAC’s range of appetizers saves our consumers from the hassle of preparation without compromising on taste and quality.



At LAC, we strive to be the number one Lebanese company that provides a full range of quality Lebanese mezze in Lebanon, the Middle East and the world. Thus, gathering families around a table to enjoy an authentic Lebanese mezze that reminds them of the traditional and delicious dishes eaten at home.



Nowadays, since young people tend to live more independently and the majority of housewives work for long hours and don’t have time to cook; the need for ready-made frozen food is increasing rapidly as it saves lots of preparation time.

Thus, LAC offers you the chance to indulge in a homemade experience with the wide selection of Lamesa appetizers. Using modern and developed machines, incorporating premium quality ingredients in the recipes and abiding by international food standards, is what makes LAMESA the perfect alternative for enjoying authentic Lebanese mezze made with love, care and utmost quality.



  • Reaching every house in Lebanon, the Middle East and around the world.
  • Continuously expanding the product line to cater for the needs and tastes of customers and consumers.
  • Maintaining standardization throughout the whole production process while respecting food safety norms and cold chain regulations on the manufacturing site and throughout the distribution channels.



The production process at LAC goes through systematic and well-designed phases. In the first phase, the raw materials are received at the factory and directly placed either in the dry store area, fridge or freezer as need be. In the Second phase, the dough and topping preparation starts and is completed with monitored testing to ensure that quality and taste standards are met. During the third phase, the food preparation process is launched where some products are half cooked and others directly frozen by putting them in a blast freezer to lower their temperature gradually and hence increase durability as well as shelf life. Finally, the end product is packed and stored in large freezers with controlled temperatures after which it is ready to be delivered to our consumers.

Quality Ingredients

A selection of premium ingredients is the base of our products’ quality. All ingredients are selected as per the highest quality standards and are purchased with a quality certificate issued by the supplier or manufacturer along with the relevant data sheet. The meat used in recipes is imported and Halal and so is the cheese, flour, oil and other ingredients.

Food Processing

LAC factory is equipped with modern machinery (mixers, ovens, baking machines and others), a blast freezer and a cold storage area of a 200-pallets capacity. The production capacity of the plant, with its current work force and regular working hours, reaches 1,000 cartons of packed products per day. This can be doubled depending on the demand.

The production processes are fully or semi-automated, thus limiting the manual contact to a minimum level. Throughout the different processing phases, regular and continuous monitoring tests are undertaken to guarantee the implementation of strict quality control standards in compliance with the local, regional and international standards.


At LAC, significant importance is granted to the packing of the products. Packing fits safety and cleanliness standards and guarantees that the products remain fresh and well frozen. Goods are packed in two levels; a primary pack with vacuum or nylon bags and a secondary pack with cardboard cartons.

LAC products are characterized by their appealing pack which reveals the real product inside, and provides to consumers comprehensive information about the product. Each pack states the number of pieces, weight, ingredients, cooking and storage instructions, allergy information, and nutritional facts, production and expiry dates, country of origin, barcode, and other information. Our products are Halal and are tagged accordingly.

Quality Control

At LAC, all products are subject to regular organoleptic and sensory analysis in addition to microbiological tests to ensure safety. No preservatives are used in the food products, and every batch prepared is tasted to guarantee standardized production.

As for the cleanliness factors, they are meticulously monitored to ensure the implementation of the highest standards; workers wear special uniforms, hats and gloves to avoid direct contact with food.


At LAC, final products are stored in walk-in freezer rooms, and then transported to the outlets in frozen trucks at a temperature of -18°C to preserve the cold chain and avoid loss of shelf life.

Private Labels

LAC factory has earned a very good reputation in the market due to its modern and automated machinery and equipment, team professionalism, and high quality standards. This has led LAC to raising the bar higher in terms of becoming the manufacturer of Lebanese Specialties private label brands for several companies in Lebanon and abroad with the same top-notch quality.

Export from Lebanon to the World

The Lebanese mezze is well-known among many countries around the world. Tourists always keep the most memorable moments during the food gatherings they have experienced in Lebanon. To preserve the good memories of Lebanese mezze and to widespread the authentic taste of Lebanon around the world, LAC launched its export business to several Arab countries, among which UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman. In 2017, Lamesa set foot in the Canadian market.

Lamesa in Canada

Expanding overseas, Lamesa in now present in Canada and growing. We care about our Lebanese expats, for that we offer them nothing but the best.